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What we do

David Collier Rural Planning specialises in development on or affecting farms and rural estates, including:

  • Applications for planning permission for agricultural buildings and dwellings;
  • Farm diversification applications;
  • Prior approval applications for permitted development (although planning permission is not needed, it may be necessary to obtain the Council’s approval for specified details such as design and siting); and
  • Opposition to development proposals affecting rural areas especially farms and rural estates.

David Collier Rural Planning works with carefully-selected specialists in fields such as architecture and ecology to ensure that the client has the expertise required to overcome the challenges of site and location.

Our work for clients includes:

Working in your countryside for development

Working in your countryside

  • Pre-application discussions with the Council to agree on the background reports needed to accompany the planning application and identify any policy concerns to be addressed.
  • Preparation of the planning application and compilation of background reports.
  • Identifying suitable professionals to provide additional assistance – though these would be instructed by the client once satisfied of their suitability to ensure that there will be a direct and fruitful relationship.
  • Planning Policy Statements
  • Addressing the Council’s Planning Committee where appropriate and agreed with the client
  • Development Plan representations or objections.
  • Preparation of appeal documents and where necessary appearing at local hearings or public inquiries.
  • Enforcement notices and appeals
  • Applications for Lawful Use Certificates to safeguard existing development.
  • Proposed development certificates (to establish the status of proposed development).

I carefully followed the instructions and now have a Twitter link after my email signature. This means that if I wrote to you this afternoon you would be able to click on the logo and return to this page. And repeat until dizzy. That's progress.

Mr Pritchard (see below) may be on to something, though he needs to understand the difference between green belt and green field. There is no green belt round Newport.

MP accuses Shropshire council of 'environmental vandalism on an unprecedented scale' | Planning Resource

In two minds about whether I can claim a hat-trick. Two permitted development barns were 'nodded through'; then the next one was a farm track. Well, they were all done as Part 6 agricultural schemes. What's the harm? My reward is a luxury pud.

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